The Best Small Business Software of 2020

Handling daily tasks and planning is very difficult for small entrepreneurs and people who just started a business. Research shows that 68 percent of the time is spent on just day to day tasks by a small businessman.

The main reason is that when you start a business or if you are a small business you don’t have a big budget or your revenue is small. You are unable to buy and use big management software that can streamline the business.

But there is no need to worry, because we did a little research for you and found a list of software which are specifically designed to be used for small businesses. These business software give services at less expensive rates and help you get to speed.

  1. Wave Accounting

There is almost no financial software for businesses that are not highly expensive to use. This made Kirk Simpson and James Lochire come up with the idea of creating Wave Accounting in 2010. It is a free software and helps small businesses with a variety of financial plans and recordings. Wave accounting is totally free and it allows you to have Free accounting, invoicing and receipt scanning. You can see other services that they offer for free:

  • Track income
  • Tracking Expenses
  • Scanning Receipts
  • Sending Invoices
  • Tracking Sales
  • Tracking Taxes
  1. Wix

Creating a website takes a lot of time and effort and if you don’t know how to do it then it is very expensive to hire a developer or web designer. Wix was founded in 2006 and it was aimed at creating a website which is less expensive and anybody can make one without having the special expertise in web developing.

Now Wix has almost 150 million users and it is available in 190 countries all over the world. You need to have zero coding knowledge to make a website and that is why this software is on the list of one of the best business software.

There is a sea of themes on Wix you can choose for your website and you can easily create a website with the drag and drop editor. There are also advanced features available for commerce websites where people want to sell products.

  1. Trello

Planning takes a lot of time and it is also necessary to do. But with Trello which is the best management software for any business makes planning look like a piece of cake. Launched by Fog Creek Software in 2011 this software is used to solve many high-level planning issues. In just 3 years the users of this website reached 4.75 million. This software is totally free and it is very flexible and easy to use.

There are multiple platforms for planning that you can choose from, or you can easily create new boards and notes for yourself. You can add users and assign permissions to them to see the data you put on the app. You can also assign tasks to different users.

  1. G Suite

G Suite is a collection of tools designed to help small and big businesses to have a secure and branded cloud-based system.  All the tools are attached to each other because all of this is provided by Google and you can move from one tool to another without any hassle.

Some of the tools provided by G Suite are listed below:

  • Emails
  • Document management
  • Document creation
  • Chat
  • Calendars
  • Online office tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Video meetings

You can also attach third party apps easily and securely with your G Suite account. You can integrate Salesforce, Trello Asana and many more apps with G Suite. You can also get a Free Trial for 14 days if you buy the paid plan.

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